Personal Narrative: The Statue Of Liberty

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I was sleeping so peacefully until I heard the deafening beeping sound of my alarm clock. I frustratingly rolled over picked up my phone to look at the time, it was 2:15 in the morning! I honestly didn't want to believe it because I knew that this particular morning, I actually had to get out of bed at this ludicrous time. I latter began to feel excited so it didn't take me long to get up, get dressed and be completely ready. Today was a special day for me but it was also sorrowful, I was moving onto the next stage of my life.
Airplane engines, luggage carousels and a 45-minute drive through insane traffic, myself and 34 other high school seniors stepped out of a crammed bus and onto the sidewalk of New York City. I had finally made it, blaring
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By now I am absolutely freaking out because I am on a three-story ferry that’s half the size of a cruise ship and I am beginning to slowly lose sight of the shore. But yet I continue to lean over the side of the boat to look at the water rushing by. About halfway to the island where the statue stands, I began to imagine the emotions my grandfather must have felt as he emerged from the bottom of the Navy ship, and saw the Statue of Liberty. He had waited four long years for this moment, to be home once again, the horrors WWII seemed to almost disappear as he gazed at the pride of the United States. For me, it felt like an eternity crossing the bay but we finally made it to the island, as we docked the boat began to severely rock “The boat is rocking really bad. Is it normal for it to be this bad?” I asked my best…show more content…
There was a salad bar that was to die for, any meat you could have thought of it was served and the most delicious Brazilian limeade I have ever had, considering it was the only time I’d had it. After lunch, we walked a very long three miles, because in NYC you walk everywhere, to The Minskoff Theatre to watch The Lion King on Broadway. It was by far the most spectacular show I have seen, it was an amazing moment for me to see one of my favorite childhood classics be performed on stage. I felt like a child again as I sang the songs and mouthed the lines of the characters, it is a memory that I hope I remember
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