Personal Narrative: The Stereotypes Of Girls

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Girls are one of man kinds most confusing creatures. they have random mood swings, try to be something their not, whine and bitch over nothing, create drama for absolutely no reason, and nobody gets them half the time. One thing i am addressing are the two faced girls. How many times is this going to happen? I’ve done things for you no one else would and you go be hind my back and say something and now i feel like our friendship started from the beginning again. Meeting you for the first time felt like i new you for forever and it was like getting on a rollercoaster. the exictment of hanging out for the first time and just thinking that you would be the best of friends just like thinking the rollercoaster would be the best rollercoaster you start taking me up this…show more content…
ive trusted you like ive never trusted anyone else before. i can tell you anything. but aparently it doesnt seem like you can tell me anything because i found out that you went behind my back and talked complete shit about me and now things feel like they are just falling apart. as we reach the top of the rollercoaster everything just drops. it starts ging down hill and we stop talking to eachother. at this point i cant even explain the emotions im feeling we stop talking to each other and end up not rly being friends anymore. the ride hits the lowest point and things seemed to happen so fast. my heart feels like it just dropped. then next thing you know you are trying to get back to me and bring me back up and make me go through the same crap again. you talk crap about me and i end up leaving you then you come crawling right back and want to be friends with me again. i will give you one more chance. this time we MIGHT be friends. i may pick you up and drop you like nothing and leave you and see how you like it. but that doesnt have to happen if you tell me the truth and if you dont like something about me then tell
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