Personal Narrative : The Story Of My Life

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I felt like no one will help me; I felt pain, suffering, and stress inside me. I knew that everything that happened to me and it will stop sooner or later. I felt that now I could see the light reaching for my hands. I felt that someone has finally helped me to wash away the suffering I 've been through. Pray and continued praying until this war against me and the devil is over, forever more. I believe in every problem there 's always a way. This loud voice is screaming in my head. "How are you feeling? Are you okay?". She asked me with that soothing voice in hers. I haven 't heard that soft voice in my entire life since my suffering and depression. As she kept opened her mouth with that welcoming voice, she tried to make me feel…show more content…
My heart was pumping so fast that everything slowing down around me, just like when I was watching a superhero movie that has the power to run fast which everything around him slows down. This guy apparently called as "TheBigBos" with one 's ' and I didn 't know why he names himself that but I don 't really care. Then with his tough boy 's posture and stared at me like a devil telling me. "You are one depressing human that failed the one you called 'God ' and failed your family". But I know I 've got to fight them. Fight for my own life. I would have guessed what happened next, they must have something to be concerned. I knew this would have happened to me just like one new student living a happy life, then some random tough boys try to pick the weak boys. Made me think of typical American high school movies, so then he said with his terrifying voice. "Who the hell you think you are, you think that you are a cool guy and famous like me, you not trying to be popular, aren 't you? Because otherwise, you 're dead meat". Like he said I surely knew that I got myself in a big trouble. From this point everything I do is different and everyone I knew is gone. Someone warned me that I 've got to be careful with him because he is like a god in this school, no one stopped him not even the school dean could do anything about it. Even after the end of the school he would be still watching behind me, I was scared to death. As I walked
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