Personal Narrative: The Suite Life

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My mom is a fairly strict person when it comes to bedtimes, so it is by nature that I came to defy her. One summer night, I went to bed as usual, but with a mischievous glint in my eyes. Watching the crack under the door, I bade my time when, two hours after I “went to sleep,” the lights finally turned off outside. I gave it thirty more minutes before turning on the TV. Luckily for me, a The Suite Life of Zack and Cody marathon was on. Unluckily for me, my seven-year-old self was more inclined to animation, and soon, the laugh tracks became monotonous lullabies. It was three o’clock. I closed my eyes and thought that it was the end of my experiment. I started flipping through the channels until I landed on Cartoon Network, which, unbeknownst…show more content…
Just like when I didn’t let my age stop me from doing what I wanted with my sleep experiment, I don’t let any labels stop me now. I’m a diminutive girl who reads The Feynman Lectures for fun and an atheist who jokingly had a “cult” named after her at school. Whatever I’m classified as, it never deters me to do what I…show more content…
Last summer, I attempted my first polyphasic sleep schedule in which I sleep for four hours in a day staggered to maximize wakefulness. It worked until school came around. I would also try things like tape ping pong balls to my eyes while I bathed in red light to induce trances. There is no true purpose for doing any of these things, but they sound fun, so I keep an open mind for any interesting experiments. In choosing one of my proudest moments, I could’ve chosen an award I’ve gotten, but I’m more proud of who I am, which my all-nighter perfectly represents. I’m a non-conformist, somewhat bizarre, and immensely strong-willed to the end. So the next time I see my little sister stand up and cover her head with a blanket while mumbling gibberish or huddle in a corner with a handful of popsicle sticks, I know that every action this seven-year-old does is going to be completely
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