Personal Narrative: The Super Bowl

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The night of February 7, 2169 was one that Anderson, Eli, and Jade would never forget. Not just because it was the date of the 200th Super Bowl in the United States, but also because it was the night a deadly meteor shower hit Earth making it impossible for them to live there anymore. They had been so excited to go to the game, it was the ultimate match-up between the Denver Broncos and the Atlanta Falcons. It was an exciting game and just as it ended, flashes of light appeared in the sky. At first, they thought it was part of the show but everyone quickly noticed it was a meteor shower. They all took shelter inside the stadium and later that night unexpected saviors came to their rescue.
When Anderson, his family, and friends finally arrived …show more content…

It wasn’t long before a town meeting was called to talk about the problems. Anderson, Eli, and Jade eavesdropped on the meeting and couldn’t believe what they heard.
“The biggest complaint we have is about the children and all the noise they are making…” said one of the leaders.
“The kids are just trying to have some fun,” Mrs. Marshall said.
“I don’t understand how a little football can be such a big problem,” Mr. Marshall …show more content…

“A sport,” the Marshall’s answered at the same time.
“What are sports?” questioned Amara, the leader of Bolterina.
“Sports are games that are competitive and fun,” Mr. Marshall answered.
After a long debate, they still didn’t understand what it was and by the end of the meeting, Amara decided to ban all sports. She didn’t see anything good that could come from them. Anderson, Eli, and Jade couldn’t believe what just happened.
“How can they not know what sports are?” asked Jade.
“I don’t know!” answered Eli.
“They seemed just like us,” Anderson said.
Soon messengers came to tell everyone that sports were no longer allowed in Bolterina.
“What are we supposed to do now?” whined all the kids.
“They don’t let us help with anything,” Eli said.
“I know, they treat us like we don’t belong here,” Anderson replied.
“I want to go home!” whined Jade.
“This is our home now,” Anderson replied, “and we just have to make the best of it… don’t worry, we’ll find a way to show them that we belong here, sports and all!”
“But how?” asked Eli.
“We just have to find a way to show them that sports are not just a silly game,” replied Anderson “we have to show them that it’s fun and can help bring us all

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