Personal Narrative: The Time I Broke My Leg

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The Time I Broke My Leg On average, over 6 million people break bones each year in the United States; most of these cases will heal without problems. On August 11 of 2007 I was one of those 6 million people. It was just a normal day, summer was starting to wind down as school was about to begin. I was at a play day rodeo in Dupree for the better part of the day, I won $10 for being the champion of the ribbon jerking event. I was so happy to have received that money! My grandparents decided to have supper at their house for me and we went on our way to go visit them. When we arrived, my Aunt Darla was out in the corral tending to one of her new colts. I waved my parents inside, in like manner happily bounced along to go check out the new addition to her herd. Once I received up to the fence, she allowed me to come inside in addition help brush him down. I cautiously opened the gate, so I surely did not spook him. At the time I was no stranger to…show more content…
She raced across the yard, carefully but quickly. She screamed for help, nobody heard her. We received into the house and she began shouting at everybody. Immediately everyone was on edge, and wondering what was going on. I was handed off to my father like a football, and carefully laid down on the couch. They began trying to make me sit up or move. I tried as hard as I could, but the pain became too much to handle. The adults were all arguing about whether or not to take me to the emergency room. My father and my grandfather didn’t believe that my leg could be broken. They did not believe it until my Aunt Darla described what she heard when the colt kicked. She heard the most hair raising snapping, one that would bring shivers up your spine. Once they heard that, the whole feeling in the room changed. It became silent, and there was an odd feeling around. Nobody moved until my father decided that it was probably best to
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