Personal Narrative: The Time I Got My First Dog

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My story is about the time I got my first dog. Bella is a chihuahua and pug. I love this dog with all my heart, I am so thankful for her.

It all started when I was about maybe 6 or 7, I was big into Clifford, the big Red Dog. I had always dreamed of getting a dog right then. So, you know like any other kid, I bugged my mom for a puppy. She said no and told me that I was too young. I remember crying so hard.

Few years past, and finally I was about 9. My mom’s friend came by and said that they couldn’t keep their dog anymore because of where they were living. When I saw the dog, I was instantly in love with it. Mom said it was mine and I flipped out. I was so happy that I started crying. I’ve loved Bella ever since.

What getting dog taught
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