Personal Narrative: The Unusuals

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Have you ever tried being part of a 30% minority with “special conditions”, while the rest of the world are completely normal? It’s not fun being a living, walking flower shop. I usually look like a cat coughing up hairballs, except I’m hacking up petals. As of now, I have a permanent flower crown of pale pink peonies growing on my head, blue hydrangeas blooming within my lungs, and a rose growing out of my right eye. I’m surprised my parents didn’t name me after a weed, instead they named me Rue, Rue Hadley.
I live in the waterside nation Valdivia, full of diversity and segregation. The population is split into two categories, the Unusuals and the Ordinaries. Unusuals are freaks likes me, each born with abnormal traits, with each person being one of a kind. On the other
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As the one and only space goddess in all of Valdivia, don’t you think I get a lot of people staring at my hair and white eyes often?”
“That’s different though, you’re naturally confident and bold. I’m not you.” I sighed and leaned back, trying to relax. I thought for a moment, looking up at the ceiling then back at Esther. “I’m going to go to Edwiss,” I said aloud, not even noticing how crazy I may have sounded.
“How are you going to do that? Don’t you know how heavily guarded that place is?”
“I know, I know- it’s not like I haven’t heard all the stories.”
“No, you don’t understand- I mean, have you heard of the Watchdog?” For a moment, I had to pause and think.
“It’s a… dog?” A sigh arose from her, like she had actually expected me to know.
“Yes, it’s a dog, a chihuahua in fact. Of course it’s not a dog! He’s the only Unusual allowed in Edwiss, he’s as loyal as can be to the mayor and city council.”
“Oh, uh. Oops.” I twiddle my fingers, embarrassed at my poorly inferred guess.
“Not much is known about him, other than the fact he has three heads. Some call him Cerberus. In Greek mythology, Cerberus was a three-headed dog who was the gatekeeper to the
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