Personal Narrative: The Value Of Gun By G. K.

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Playing with friends and family outside is usually fun for G.K. .Playing nerf outside with friends and family was even better for G.K. as a kid. When playing with nerf guns you want to make sure no one gets hurt and that it is all fun. He always loved playing with his cousins and older brother. It was a nice summer day in their small town of Crawford, Alabama. Their guns were not the best and would jam sometimes, but they were still good. It was not until one G.K. learned his lesson when he held the jammed gun to his eye to see the problem. After this very learning experience he now knows it is very important to be careful when playing with any type of toy guns because getting shot in the eye will hurt, knowing how to handle a jammed gun will save you from being shot, and being responsible with it helps you and others.
G.K. and his cousin shawn were the youngest so they got the worst guns. “ I honestly do not think this is fair since we always get hurt,” Shawn exclaimed while G.K. nodded in agreement. G.K.’s brother Matthew laughed and held out his gun for them to reach for it then immediately pulled it back.” Okay it’s going to be two versus two.” Shannon remarked. The teams were always the same. It was G.K. and Shawn then Matt and Shannon. Matt and Shannon always ended up hurting them since they were older and had better guns.
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looked at shawn and laughed “ we are gonna die today.”. Their guns were already jamming and they ran out and started to try and shoot. Matt and shannon laughed as they shot them multiple times. Shawn was shooting back but was being pelted. G.K.’s gun started working then jammed again. This time it would not un jam. He was looking around then decided to do something that he was unsure about doing. He looked into the barrel of the gun to see the problem then cried out “my eye!.”. The bullet came out and shot him straight in the eye. Everyone looked and started laughing but G.K. didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. He decided to
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