Personal Narrative-The Value Of Pokemon

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We were in the car going to the store, I was so excited! When we got We just waited… and waited... Uncle Bill ordered the wrong game, But it was no big deal. We were driving home and I couldn’t wait to open it, We got home and I rushed to the kitchen table and got the scissors and cut the tape. I pulled out the health and safety manual, And I Said, “Who even reads these?” and threw it across the table. Then I pulled out the charger and Said, “Heh, Looks like it comes with one, unlike the New Nintendo 3ds.” Then I put it to the side, Then Here comes the big part, I pulled out the tiny adorable 2ds And I said to Uncle Bill, “The moment of truth is here.” I pressed the power button it didn't turn on I plugged it in and just waited... and waited... and waited……show more content…
yes I remember that. Overall I played Pokemon and started living under a rock, But last night I bought another game i’m still playing it ALOT. Moral of the story, Do whatever the frick you want, that’s what I do, And look how perfect I turned out! *sarcasm*. Soooo……… Yah, you can leave now if you want, I don’t really
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