Personal Narrative: The Venezuelan Revolution

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After this strange event with the GNB, I started to be more cautious. I just go to my job and return home at the end of the day.
I do not remember exactly how many days passed, maybe 3 or 4, when I began to receive phone calls where I had been threatened, unknown people calling and saying "we are going to kill you" "we know all about you, traitor". These called were done to my home, office's telephone and cell phone.
I started to act as paranoid, leaving home only if it was strictly necessary. I was going to my work very early and was returning home later than usual. I changed routes several times, both for returning home and go to work. But one day, on June 29, 2015 at 9:30 pm I was intercepted in the Francisco Fajardo highway, were 3 men on two motorcycles. One blocked my car and the other two men of the second motorcycle approached me through the window of my vehicle, they hit me in the face and on the head several times and they told me "remember us", I told them ok take my car
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First, I am Venezuelan, born free and in democracy, I grew up in democracy and now I feel that this Government, which began with Hugo Chávez and following with the dictator Nicolas Maduro, has violated the rights of Venezuelans. In addition, in my case and particular family case I have experienced discrimination and violence, and members of my family have also suffered. One of my brothers, as a result of such widespread violence was shot in the back and it has been paraplegic. My mother, because the desperation to see him in that condition, and by the ravages of sustained suffering, she is also in bed without being able to walk, because a stroke affected her. My father due to the concern of the threats that Tupamaros had made me, also suffered a stroke. All these reasons made me hate those who govern
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