Personal Narrative: The Walk For Simpact

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I waited three years for this moment to come. Simpact was finally starting. Having experience from all of my other Brown-Barge simulations, I didn’t expect much out of this one. Although getting Mrs. Smith made me happy, I was a bit upset none of my friends were in my class. Animal Welfare was a topic I felt particularly strongly about, so of course I was going to try harder on the work more than I usually did. I had background research from stream composition so I was pretty much ready to get started. Boy, I was wrong. No amount of mental and physical preparation could have readied me for this experience. The Walk for Simpact was a curse and a blessing. There was so much work and planning in such a short period of time, but the entire stream…show more content…
We collected our minds and our project and loaded the bus ready to pour everything we know. We weren’t in the parking lot for more than a few seconds and I already saw more than twenty pieces of trash! Excitement was exploding from me. It seemed like even if you took one step forward on the beach you would miss so much trash. You would think you would be done with one area, yet you look back and it seems like the litter regenerated! A turtle fin, plastic chair and one hundred thirty six more pounds of trash later we were tired and hungry. As I was eating lunch, I examined the twelve bags we just collected. What seemed like nothing was actually everything. There was an absence of words that came from me. Now for the second part of our trip: informing the public. With our brochures and coasters in hand, my group and Mrs. Smith marched right into the first restaurant. We asked to speak to the manager of every store and restaurant we visited. One of us would explain our project goal, another would explain and handout our products. In a period of about twenty minutes we left empty handed. Everybody we had talked to thankfully accepted what we had to offer. Not only did we make a positive impact, we had fun while doing
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