Personal Narrative: Third Avenue Football

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I felt like the Third Avenue bus was evil like taunting Jax and I so i came running toward the bus and while i was chasing the bus i was dodging the citizens, yelling “HEY! HEY! WAIT!”.The bus was no more the 6 feet away when the bus door folded shut, the air brakes hissed , and the long limo like car zoomed into traffic. Jax stopped short and he had enough breath to say a few words “We’ll gonna be late,”Jax Guessed.Two busses passed us and Jax said we should just wait for another bus so i said not after 2 busses and sure enough here comes another bus and he blew us off.So Jax wildly chased the bus untill he got the drivers attention. Jax and I got on the bus and said 90-7th Street as soon as possible.The bus driver zoomed into traffic and i thought i was going to have a Heart Attack and jax yelled “I'M CALLING THE COPS!! ”The bus stopped 7 miles from there stop so they ran for it and they took 30 minutes to get there,when we got there i was trying to catch my breath but it was hard. Jax didn't seem right when he was playing basketball.This guy named Rodney and he's hard to block and when jax was in front of him it looked like he was hypnotising him and he won but it was weird.After the game jax seemed weirder so jax’s mom took him to see a doctor and the doc didn't do anything but have us pay him but …show more content…

A week later Jax got a job at this institute and had to answer like 2k question with a #2 pencil and then he quit a week later because they wanted him to answer another 2k questionnaire and i don't blame him at all. Another thing is he didn’t think Dr. Mako excited, when he got home his mom made him an appointment(meeting)with Dr. Mako.The Next Day they met him and Jax couldn't believe it. I was even amazed when he told all

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