Personal Narrative: Three Houses Later

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Three Houses Later My home town, where I grew up at, and where I am at now. These three characters link to the three different houses. Setting : North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia
Tone: inspirational and optimistic
Music: pop music, specific song “ Happy by Pharrell”
Charachters: Ashlynn W., Evelyn R., Mikala R. Summary: I was still getting to know areas around where we lived, it was all brand new to me. We had just moved out to what I call the “sticks” my dad was in the Air Force and got orders to Seymour Johnson Air Force Base. He would get orders to different states and sometimes out of the country for several months at a time. Some of the challenges I personally struggled with was not being able to physically see my father. The commonly used Skype app wasn’t the main source of communication my family used when I was a baby;I had to get the most out of a simple phone call . These encounters affected my family life and also
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She is one year older than me. We grew up together in daycare and my grandma took care of her like she was her own daughter. She was the older sister I never had but always wanted. Seeing her upholding a caring, optimistic, hardworking character for me was inspiration. She accomplished many milestones with ease, took obstacles head on, and never gave up. Evelyn- This character has made me stronger, and has impacted me in a positive way. A lot of younger kids say they don’t like their older sibling because their mean and bossy. Evelyn is the complete opposite she has a good understanding with Mikala. The way she looks up to her as her role model inspires me to live life with a purpose, be meaningful, and set a good
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