Personal Narrative: To Become A Better Writer

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Welcome to my first shared story, if you enjoy comment, if not comment. I just want to become a better writer, and since sci-fi isn't usually my cup of tea i was planning on writing another story but a high fantasy either in a full on spell arrangement or enhancement like magic type thing. But I am getting ahead of myself and will say this, please at least comment what you think on either the story or my writing. I just want to become a better writer so more people can happen upon my writing and enjoy the story. Since mid-teens I wanted my life to have a drastic change. As a kid, I knew what I wanted, what I needed, and I had goals. Than my cousin, someone I saw as an older brother who just got out of gladiator camp introduced…show more content…
Those doors use electricity to open. Electricity that just imploded and exploded all over the damn city. Running to the first set of the sliding bar doors I give it a shake and rattle but its locked tight. Beginning to panic I grab one of the dropped tables and begin to slam it into one of the large glass mirrors. My full two hundred and sixty pounds of fat and muscle of continuant throwing of the fifty or so pound table does nothing, especially when I begin to breath hard after the second toss. The pod right across us having saw through their own windows do the same. Still in my panicked state I no longer use the table and begin banging on the window with an open palm screaming in a shrill shrieking voice I did not want heard I scream profanities to all. A guard uses a night stick to bang on my window that I was striking with a laugh. Beginning to feel my fear turn to anger and my panic still screaming in the back of my mind I feel a vibration beneath my feet. I thought it was only my anger but the chanting begins to die down. Forgetting about my anger fear wells up inside again as vibrations begin to shake the whole building. The guard no longer laughing with his own look of surprise I begin to feel heat. A crashing sound above me can be heard as grey and black dust swirl all around blinding me. The heat already making me sweat a river I feel a sharp pain in my left shoulder and then
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