Personal Narrative: To Express: Moving Away To A Distant State

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To Express: Moving Away to a Distant State

I just found out that my parents are making us move from Florida to Alaska. I feel so miserable. Saying goodbye to my wonderful friends will be hard and sad. I can not believe that we have to move all the way to the North, where it is cold and boring. I am scared that I will not meet any friends. I loved being in Florida, where I can play anytime I wanted to from sunrise to sunset. There will probably be no sunny beaches in Alaska. I’ll probably be stuck in a house while it is freezing and snowing outside in Alaska. I wish I did not have to move.

To Inform: Student in Japan Versus Student in the United States

While students in the United State complain about the time it takes to do school work, students in Japan have double a number of hours doing school work. In Japan a student spends over 62 hours per week doing school work. In the United States students spend only 31 hours a week doing school work. Students in the United States spend more time on sports than students in Japan. In the United States, students
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He wanted to go back home to his large family that lived on the northern coast of Rhode Island. The only style of transportation was his brown wooden boat that was small and dirty. He proceeded to get on the boat as he stepped on the splinter filled wood. The wood scratched his legs and felt like a row of pins. The smell of wet wood filled the air as he looked up at the clouds. They were gray and daunting, looking like giant gray monsters. When he started paddling his way through the choppy, cold waters of the ocean, the land was getting harder and harder to see. As he turned around to see if he could even see any land, he saw gray triangular fins. Then, this shape started to double faster and faster. All of a sudden a flash of sharp teeth blared at his eyes as terror filled his cold
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