Personal Narrative: To Work Or Not To Work

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As both of you probably already know I have been a VERY sick man since February of this year and into the hospital 8 times for treatment. During this time my recovery was looking optimistic and I thought that I could work again. With the spirit of trying I did no more than 5 hours work before having to be shipped off to the hospital in an ambulance again. During this time my thought process was clear, turns out it was skewed and I am still unable to work. That being said it has more been a horrifying process to come to terms with being medically disabled and unable to work at 20 years old. During these months of suffering I realize I have caused this company mass suffering with me having to divert tons of my shifts due to being unable to work them.…show more content…
Hopefully you understand that I was not in a right mind set when I set myself into coming back into the work force. Ultimately for the time being I am going to have to settle for disability payments and some more time to heal before working again. At this time the best option seems to be for me to fully resign my position with Praetorian USA until sometime in the future. With recent combinations of an emergency dental procedure and my existing illness now makes me have to say goodbye to the best job ever as a choice for my healing. I wish you both the best of luck in your business endeavors and hope I can use both of you as a good point of reference should the need arise. Coming to this realization was super hard for me but thought that having this honesty was best, my days as a security guard are most likely over at this point and I have accepted this fully. If you have any questions please email me directly, I will work on getting the uniform returned
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