Personal Narrative: Torino, Italy

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With just over 24 hours to write this, I brainstormed and took all I could into consideration. As an older student and parent I know studying abroad is probably a once in a life time opportunity. It will be one of the best and most important aspects of my learning journey. The prospect of learning in a foreign country from people with different teaching skills as well as different curriculum excites me. Being older allows me to fully understand the opportunity that lies ahead. It’s not only a wonderful opportunity to learn in the more formal setting it allows me to learn about a different place and people. I believe a person can never stop learning and improving themselves, and this would give me an amazing opportunity to do so. I chose Torino, Italy because it’s in the center of the Piemonte region, it is considered the capitol and a key city of the area with many large companies, and a University comparable to UNLV. It is also close to other countries, which will enable me to travel there and learn even a little bit about the other countries first hand. Italy is an old, beautiful country, and the has some major firms, as well as many smaller businesses. They have been a business powerhouse of Europe for centuries with much to learn from. I hope to…show more content…
My goal is to help people start and build a successful business. I believe studying abroad will give me an insight to how another country does business. Although Las Vegas is a hub for many businesses, I believe there is always another way to build a business, and learning another countries way of doing business can only build on that premise. I believe this opportunity will deepen the knowledge of business and allow me to have a benefit that business prospects may not have from other people. I could use the knowledge gained while working prior to finishing my degree as well, it could heighten my job
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