Personal Narrative: Traveling To Punta Cana

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From December 30, 2016 to January 6, 2016 I traveled to Punta Cana, this is located in a Caribbean country called Dominican Republic; it has beautiful beaches and clear waters. Traveling to Punta Cana was an amazing experience. As a result, I had the chance to enjoy the wonderful all inclusive hotel, relax at the Rock Spa and meet great people. I also had the opportunity to travel with my boyfriend and friends so this also made my experience in Punta Cana delightful. The day I reached Punta Cana I was very excited. When I got off the plane I could feel the heat and the sun all over my body. After entering the airport, you could hear typical Dominican music everywhere. There was a bus waiting to take me to the hotel; the place where all the fun was about to begin. Siting on the bus, I looked out the windows to see the landscape, listened to music and talked with my boyfriend. Looking out the window I saw an immense yellow and red guitar; that is when I noticed I was entering the Hard Rock Casino & Hotel, the place where I was going to stay. That day I unpacked my bags, took a bath and slept all night because I was very tired. The other six days of my stay in…show more content…
The beautiful beaches in Punta Cana, clear and turquoise water, the sound of the birds, the peaceful places, green palm trees, the hot tub in my room, the pillow menu, the attention of all the employees and many more things I would never forget just made the place special and calming. My favorite place to relax was the Hard Rock Spa; I had the occasion to attend three times. First, I did a facial and corporal massage that flowed with the rhythm of the music. Second, I tried a deep tissue massage that took away all the pain and tiredness my body had. The third time I went to the spa, I tried the sauna and the thermal pools. I as well read a book, ate fruits and had green tea. All the times I went to the spa were very harmonious
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