Personal Narrative-Troubleshoot Court

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13-12 we were down. 3rd match. My turn serve. They tossed me the ball and I slowly and nervously walked back to the line. The only thing I could say in my head was “you better make this serve Caroline!!” that repeated in my head over and over again. I finally gave myself a toss, bad toss said my head but I was too nervous to let it drop so, I swung. I made it over the net, but they free balled it back to us and no one could get it. 14-12. One more point and they win. #16 on the Dunes team missed her serve on the first try. 13-14. Jaceys turn. I don't know what she was thinking but her body language told me she didn't want to serve right then. Ace! Point Farout! 14-14. We still had to win by 2 though. Miss. 15-14, there serve. WE got a volley from #12. I set Alexis and she just set it over but #5 on Dunes popped it up.
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Now,Molly was up to serve. She looked really sweaty. Hit,hit, spin, serve. Miss. 15-16 them. I don't remember what number but the other team missed her serve. 16-16. 2 more points and this nerve wrecking game would be over. I didn't want it to be. Avery’s up. ACE! 17-16 She made her serve but the other team got the ball back over. Finally, they started a volley. We were at it for what felt like forever and everything was in slow motion, all the hoots and hollers slowly fading. It was just me and the ball. The ball waiting for me to set it. So then, I did. I knew that this set had to be perfect. If we get this kill, then we win it all. I whispered“focus caroline.”under my breath as Jacey passed it to me. Here we go, time for me to have the best set ive ever had. The ball was in my hands, and I pushed it out to Alexis. The set was perfect. There was nothing I could do now, its all up to Alexis. Alexis got a hold of the ball but she hesitated to hit it. After 2 little awkward jumps she hit it. This is the hardest ive ever seen her hit. A dunes girl got it but shancked it way out of bounds there was no way her team was getting
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