Personal Narrative-Turned Girl

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I knew something was wrong with that black haired kid. She never spoke and it was like I was the only one who noticed her. I told myself, no matter if my life depended on it, to never look her in the eye. That was 2 weeks ago. 2 weeks ago, I made mistake. My teacher had called on me to present my poem. I got up from my seat and weaved my way to the front of the class, then I spoke. I didn’t have stage fright or anything, I just didn’t want to look up from my paper, I didn’t want that girl to mess me up. My poem had earned a few claps, causing me to smile. I look up from my paper, and that’s when it happened. I looked her in the eyes. They were red. Blood red. I couldn’t look away, and that’s the last thing I remember before I blacked…show more content…
When we pull apart, I notice that everything is starting to fade away. I look at beverly, knowing that i’ll probably never see him again. We just smile and wave as we watch ourselves fade away. 3 years later I roll my pencil back and forth on the desk, trying to ignore all the chatter of my classmates. I fish out my phone and unlock it just as our homeroom teacher walks in. “Hey! Settle down everyone! We have a new student joining us today. He will now introduce himself.” I still don’t bother to look up from my phone. “Hi.... I’m Beverly Andrews. You can just call me Andrew if you want to.” I almost choke on my spit. I look up, and there he is. Boy, did he grow. He has a tank top that says Tokyo Ghoul and headphones around his neck. He has an undercut, the ends of his hair are still dyed purple. Instead of those purple joggers, he now has loose cargo pants. Every girl in the room started squealing “Ok Andrew, you’ll be sitting behind Rio. Rio raise your hand please.” My hand shoots up. His eyes scanned the room for what felt like years before they landed on me. He quickly grabs his bag and makes his way to his seat. On his way there we made eye contact. He winked at me. Blood rushes to my cheeks. Once he sits down, he taps my shoulder. “Hey Rio, how have you
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