Personal Narrative: Twenty-Three And Finally Legal To Drive

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Twenty-Three and Finally Legal to Drive
Candace Cameron, an actress famous for her role on the sitcom Full House, said, “Once I got my driver’s license everybody started to treat me as an adult.” I was legally an adult before I decided to attain my driver’s license. I waited to attain my license due to my family and friends who were willing to offer me rides when I needed a ride somewhere. When I decided to rent an apartment by myself, I knew I needed my driver’s license. While I was hesitant at first to take my driver’s test, I felt successful when I passed the exam.
While many people receive their licenses at sixteen, I waited until I was twenty-three before I attained my license. When the day ultimately came for the test, my mother and sister dropped me off at the license branch. After I took and passed the written exam, I waited to hear the driving instructor call my name. As I sat there, it seemed that an eternity passed before I heard my name called and my driving instructor introduced herself. When we left, there were butterflies in my stomach as we walked to my car. By performing a safety test, she established that
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I started to appreciate my family and friends who were able to give me rides when I needed them more and I began to give rides to others when they needed one. Once I started driving by myself, I discovered how easy it is to become distracted when driving. I learned to be a defensive driver I needed to think about what I was doing while driving, watch other drivers and be prepared to react to their driving at the same time; subsequently, my views on the difference between a defensive driver and non-defensive driver changed after I started to drive. For this reason, my perception of other drivers became more judgmental after I received my license since I started to notice the mistakes that other drivers were
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