Personal Narrative-Uhaul Trailer

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August 28, moving day. With all our stuff packed in boxes, garbage bags, plastic storage containers, and suitcases, we were ready to bring all our things downstairs. 7 am in the morning and my mom assigns us all a “job”. Her, my older brother, my dad, and my two uncles were to bring all the things downstairs and make sure nothing was gonna get left behind. My mother sent me and my younger brother downstairs to check on the two cars in front of our house. You see, we needed those cars to move so we can park the uhaul trailer in front of the house so packing our stuff can go faster. 9 am, the cars still haven’t moved and as the others finish up cleaning, we were losing time. Since of course this was my last day in Brooklyn, i wanted to see some…show more content…
I kind of felt bad since the only reason they came was to see me but they didn’t mind giving us a helping hand. One of my friends even begged to help and was later happy that she did. So kudos to you guys for being awesome. 12 am and we were still packing. The trailer was almost full and the only things we needed to put in there were these closets but surprise surprise, they weren’t fitting into the trailer. Moving things around, putting them on top of each other, nothing was working. We didn’t want to waste an hour figuring out how these things were gonna fit in there so my dad decides to sell one of them. We really didn’t want to since it wasn’t cheap nor broken but we were wasting time. After that, the last closet was stored into the uhaul and we were done with all that. We locked it and uncle #2 drove off with my older brother making their way to Rhode Island. So the rest of us were taking a break but it doesn’t end there. We still had some boxes, trash bags, and suitcases left. Ordering another uhaul trailer wasn’t something my dad wanted to do because it was expensive just to purchase
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