Personal Narrative: Understanding Other Cultures

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Being brought up in the city of Los Angeles has introduced me to various cultures and ethnicities ,while it has made me more understanding of other cultures and their beliefs , it has given me the false assumption that the rest of the country is as understanding as we are. I myself have been racially profiled at the airport , for my indian like appearance; however when they learned that i did not possess an accent they quickly excused my father and I. Although we were not offended by the experience , it questions how much people know about the cultures that they constantly encounter. The officer probably assumed that we were Muslim even though we are Christian , and as well assumes that the religion as a sector is violent and not only the jihadist. While we do have a lot of diversity around us, our ignorance towards these various cultures and religions obstructs our acceptance and creates stereotypes , that judges races as a whole instead of individuals. Each individual in every culture has the capacity to be peaceful or violent , but it is our pessimistic perceptions of these cultures that prohibit us from full acceptance and…show more content…
The Summer Cultural Leadership Institute while be a guide for me not only to advocate diversity and cultural acceptance but will allow me to further grasp the ethnic ideas of my fellow leaders , which will help me connect with them on a different level. It is quite unfortunate that we live in an age where globalism is in full effect yet we still hold these condemning stereotypes against each other. While ethnic differences separate us , they should also be used as a tool to bring us together; therefore this leadership group can be used as a tool to educate students and bring them together
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