Personal Narrative: Using My Leadership Skills At Carrollton High School

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One of the best demonstrations of me using my leadership skills in order to solve a problem was during the final month of my senior year in high school. At Carrollton High School the seniors are required to participate in a volunteer activity to help reach out to the others in our community, we call this Seniors-to-Seniors (S2S). Initially, I was selected to be on the student committee for S2S, I was then nominated to be a group leader meaning I would be in charge of a group of peers making sure that whatever tasks that were assigned to us would be accomplished. After a few weeks of planning it was brought to the student committee's that someone would have to be in charge o a sight that would need to have a garage competently torn down and…show more content…
In order to fix this I set up a couple of fundraisers throughout the school and in only a few weeks I had raised enough money to knock the disabled veteran's garage down. Finally the chilly April day had arrived and the months of planning form the student committee would finally be put into action. Immediately upon arriving at my site I organized my group of 13 peers into subgroups and assigned smaller tasks to each group such as raking, moving gravel, and transporting the pile of what used to be a garage into the huge dumpster located at the end of this man's driveway. Considering we only had about five hours to clean up this man's house I though we were making wonderful progress when 12:30 came around and my group was beginning to tie up the last of the garbage and lawn bags. We then made the short drive back to Carrollton High School and to our amazement we were the first group back! Since my group worked so well together under my leadership, we were able to efficiently clean this man's entire backyard as well as tear a garage down before any other group was able to finish cleaning other people's back
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