Personal Narrative: Vegetarianism

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My scale was my ticking time bomb. Every time I step upon it, I was a pound closer to my death. I didn’t concur with me at the time, but I was anorexic, I had an eating disorder. I was never was fat child growing up. As I grew older I did accumulate a few extra pounds, but it never became an issue until seventh grade. I became extremely fixated with my figure, to the point of not eating. I would forcefully make it a game and see how many hours I could go without eating. I would wait endless hours until my stomach ache, to the point of fainting to consume something. If I did eat the meal would consist of soup or one piece of chicken. I dropped down to a low seventy pounds that summer of 2013, and I specifically remember jumping for joy as if…show more content…
From that day and on, I became vegetarian. Although this lifestyle did save me from my foreshadows death, it did not quite aid my disorder. For the next three years I had a love and hate relationship with food. I would either overeat or undereat. Although I was realistic being more healthy by not consuming meat, I still had the mindset that I was overweight; which I was not. I had a perfectly normal weight for my age and height. At the age of seventeen, I decided to transition to veganism, upon not seeing much results from vegetarianism. All was well, but not perfect. My mindset towards food was still in the gutter: I thought that portions were necessary and that carbohydrates were the enemy. It wasn’t till December of 2016, that I became free from the disorder that held me ball and chain for over four and half years. At this point in my life I discovered a plant-based lifestyle. This is what my body was craving for the past years; nourishing, satisfying, and delicious food. The psychological effect of my disorder is still present with me, and forever will be, but now I am in control of my life and it is quite
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