Personal Narrative: Veronica Arizona

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“I think it’s a left up that way past the exit,” Drumming his fingers over his knee, Logan was about to pray to any deity that was still listening to him for the next bar to be the place where Lianne Mars was. Three days into taking Arizona by storm, Veronica’s mouth had gone stiff with disappointment and Logan’s back was starting to cramp up from the lebaron. After hearing from the Neptune High rumor mill that Lianne Mars had taken off, Logan remembered every quip he’d made to make things harder on Veronica. While taking them back now isn’t really an option, spending his days switching off driving with her hardly seemed like apt penance when he was having so much fun.

Tracking Lianne’s car’s plates to the Phoenix area had been
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With a second for recognition, the bartender pointed to a table behind them, and frowned. Spinning on her heel, Veronica braced herself against Logan, and then took off for the corner booth where Lianne was.

“Mom?” Veronica gasped, and realized how little the woman huddled over her drink looked like the woman in the photograph, but it was definitely her mother. Her mother who’d been drunk for probably months, sleeping in her car and crashing on friends’ couches, looked so little like her mother who’d tucked her in before bed years ago, and made her breakfast in the morning. “Mom?” Ignoring tears in her eyes, Veronica tried to get her mom’s attention, to get her eyes to focus on her only.


“Mom!” Hugging her finally, after months, Veronica realized why she hadn’t been able to come up with anything to say; she hadn’t been looking for her mom to say anything to her, she’d just wanted to hug her, just wanted to see her. “We’ve been looking for you, Mom, you haveta come home. I need you - Dad needs you, things are better now, things are okay,” Pressing her face into her mom’s shoulder, Veronica could smell the stink of her mother’s alcoholism and knew things were far from
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“Mom, what are you talking about? Don’t you want to come home? Don’t you miss us?” When Logan reached across the table and touched her hand, Veronica heard the little girl in her own voice. “I just don’t understand. Help me understand, why you left- what you’re doing out here? What you’re doing meeting Jake Kane at the the Neptune Grand when you can’t even come see your own daughter or your own husband,” Veronica fought to keep the accusation out of her voice, as Lianne’s hand slapped the lacquer of the bar’s booth table, stunning the three of them into silence.

“How do you know about that, honey?” Voice gentle, but on the edge, Lianne reclaimed shattered thoughts of things she didn’t even want to say out-loud, let alone to her precious daughter.” You shouldn’t… you were never supposed to be involved in any of this…” Lianne reached across the table for her drink, but Logan withheld it, and instead, held it out to the bus boy who dumped it into his tray and took the empty glass.

“Involved in what, Mom? Mom, just tell me what all of this is about,” Feeling small again, Veronica wasn’t wired to regret things, to think of her decisions as mistakes, but looking at her mother.. At their situation, and reevaluating her expectations, felt
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