Personal Narrative Video Analysis

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) Many of my competencies helped me in this project, particularly with the technique we were using to create our informative video. Indeed, I have been used to new technologies since I am a little kid. I like to try new software and increase my abilities with the ones I am used to. I used a lot of software for school projects and I am now comfortable with many types of programs. It wasn’t difficult for me to discover a new app and all its functions. Furthermore, I had much existing knowledge about the subject. In fact, we’ve talked about the Second World War in history class, English class, French class and even in ethical class. Actually, we’ve talked specifically about Hitler’s speech at the Nuremberg Rally of 1935 in ECR last year. It helped me a lot to have a strong base on which I was able to build my ideas for the video.…show more content…
Naturally we all did a brief research on the rally but I think it was a nice way to discuss an important topic. One of my teammates knew a lot about it since he made his personal project on the Nazi party. I liked to debate with him to be sure his stuff was fund. That way, I learn a lot of things about the Nazi party globally. He explained to me most of the steps that led Hitler to the final solution. To learn how to use the app, we spend a period trying every function of Adobe voice. We were mostly kidding and having fun but it turned out to be very useful when we arrived to create our video. We already knew what were our options (image, icon, text) for each slide and all the way we could display the
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