Personal Narrative: Walkie Talkies

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It all started when I was at the tech Museum, I was lying down next to this girl in my sleeping bag when we were watching Open Season 2. “ Hi, you want to be my friend?” “ Sure! What’s your name? She replied. “Ayden” “ I am Noora. I know we’re going to be best friends!” She was right, we are best friends. Over the weekend, I was invited to her birthday party and I hadn’t seen her in seven years! We had so much fun hanging out and catching up with life. Here is the whole story. It was late night when my friends and I decided to decorate the phone cases she got from a special DIY set. It was only Noora, Meriam, Aya, and me. We had walkie talkies so we could communicate with Aya who kept coming and leaving the room. As we were talking, …show more content…

We had fun making our dirty conversations about how bad they both are and screaming them into the walkie talkie but then focused on our work again. I had placed one stripe of every kind of tape onto my phone, one stripe of multi colored circles, one stripe of different colored zebra and leopard prints, one stripe of monkeys, one stripe of black and white zebra prints, plain leopard prints, lettered tape, chained tape, a few more kinds of tape and BAM! We put stickers on them so we could be exactly matching and there we had the first one done. I then started my second one, putting one of every tape again. I was about to put stickers on, working quickly, knowing I had to leave soon. I then asked

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