Personal Narrative: Ways To Enhance Memory

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I have enrolled in many classes so far, and I am always nervous in passing the midterm or final exam. Before the midterm exam, some of the types of memory storage I will use is the rehearsal, which I write down my notes on cards and read them over and over again. I will rest and have a good night sleep, and the next day I will read them again, sometimes taking the notes to work to read them during my lunch hour. I try to study in separate days and not read everything all at once before the midterm exam. Another memory enhancing strategy I used is chunking, which I examine parts of the work that I just read. Once I read chunks of it, everything I read will come to mind. One of my favorite memory enhancing strategies is the elaborative rehearsal, which I gather all the information I know and imply it to something similar that happened in my life.
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