Personal Narrative: We Doesn T Help People

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We can’t help everyone, but everyone can help someone. A quote spoken by Ronald Reagan that could not be put into better words. I grew up watching my grandparents always help others, so from the start I took in that helping others is the way to go. Since I have been able to help efficiently, I helped my grandma and grandpa with multiple and various activities. These activities would range from cooking food to cleaning to farm work. What stuck with me the most was loving the farm work, whether it be working in the field or bringing food out to the people harvesting or planting. As much as I loved helping around the farm, my favorite was being able to feed the animals. I would look forward to waking up in the morning to go out to the farm and…show more content…
The cat was my grandmas cat that she couldn’t take care of anymore, so we took her in and loved her. Although, she was an old cat and did not have much time left. One day my brother and I were home and our cat started going through the process of death, she would not eat, she was going to the bathroom right where she was lying and could not stand up. My brother and I did everything we could for her until she passed. A year after our first cat, we got two kittens. From there we both learned responsibility on a greater level because there was no machine to feed the kittens or clean their litter boxes, and we definitely did not want to experience having to watch a loved pet pass on again. I love always having a pet in the house. Being around animals has always had a calming effect on me and that inspires me to want to be around animals everyday and help them in any way I can, the best way I can. This inspires me because the smile on peoples face when they see that their pet is well and healthy again. I strive to go from walking into the barn as a child with big dreams, to walk into the clinic as an adult and do my best to help animals in need and return them back to their owners in good
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