Personal Narrative: Weed

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that was on July. My parents were afraid for me, but I didn’t care at all. Before I went to court I woke up at 6AM and went to my friends house to go pick up weed, and get an old english, and a mickey 40. I went to pick up 2 grams. 1 gram was of blue dream og, and the other gram was monster og. I got hooked up and went to the liquor to go get my blunts and some 40’s. “ Aye Blaze, break down the weed while I take out the blunts”, I said. She said, “Okay I’ll break the 2 grams down and put some kief on it after.” After breaking it down we got the blunt and put the weed on it and got some keys out to get the kief and put it on top the weed then I rolled it and gave a little lick and it was rolled. We took the lighter out and started to burn it and I got the first hit. The weed was greenish brownish, felt sticky and hard, taste like an oily herb, and smelled like a plant and everything sounds like an echo. “Cough cough”, I said. I was choking and it started to hit so I took a sip of my mickey. I didn’t have water so I was sipping. It was 6:45AM and my court appointment was at 8:00. Me and Blaze smoked the 2 blunts and drank the 40’s then she said “Break a leg, mija! Hope those pigs don’t lock you up. I’ll drink one for you and many more will be waiting when you come out.” I left and went home all faded and kinda buzzed. I was so hungry that I could eat a horse. I was on the munchies and my eyes were as red as the flag of America. Getting faded is like being in heaven. I went with my parents, and they were waiting for me on the car. I got on the car, and my mom started yelling. She said,…show more content…
We had to pass through the machine that detects what you have, and I had my belt so the machine went beeep beeeep! The sheriff told me to turn around and I did. The sheriff asked, “ Why are you here?” I said, “I have an appointment at court room 202.” He showed me where to sit and then the sheriff will come out
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