Personal Narrative: What Can Be Done Before Spring Break

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Although I am only focusing on three days of material because I am being proactive with my gratitude journal entry this week, I feel that many things occurred over that timespan. Over that timespan, I have had an audio project and paper due. I am thankful that I finished my audio project last week, which allowed me to lower my stress level and do my work. While I am still having problems dealing with the intertwining of anxiety and procrastination, I am progressively becoming more constructive when I begin feeling anxiety: actually doing work instead of avoiding it. I am going to continue working on this by forcing myself to do work when I get it. I just received a prompt for a paper that is due near the end of March. Instead of waiting until the last couple of days to do the paper, my goal is to get it done before Spring Break. I have confidence I can do this because I finished my audio project early and clearly enjoyed the benefits of finishing my work.…show more content…
I started a couple of weeks ago when I saw that Quenchers has a raw fruit and vegetable bar. Ever since then, I have had sizable portions of vegetables every day. While it might be a placebo effect, I actually am feeling much better. In conjugation with consistently going to the gym, I feel that I am finally helping renew my body and mind. I am thankful that I am making this change in my life, and that I actually care about improving my life now. Hopefully this does not end up as a fad, but I think the positive developments I have felt so far will continue to propel me
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