Personal Narrative: What Good Dogs Do

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What Good Dogs Do

She came home, and immediately I knew something was off; even though I used my usually effective methods of persuasion, she did not want to play. Even her favourite squeaky toy didn’t make her want to play. She told me to go lie down, and I did—because that’s what good dogs do.
The next day, the same thing happened, except I tried something new. I barked and I barked, and I jumped around. I know how much she loves to chase me. She just told me to quiet down, and I did— because that’s what good dogs do.
I tried many different things for a long time to get her to play. I chased the cat, I dug in the dirt (she loves to fill the holes back up), I ran away when she came to get me, which always makes her happy. But, they didn’t
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