Personal Narrative: What I Learned At Michaels Craft Store

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At the young age of __, I would watch my my mom leave and then come home glistening, talking about everything she had learned at Michaels craft store. I decided that I wanted to participate as well and begged my mother to allow me to accompany her. When I first got there I did not know what to expect. Our instructor was teaching us the wonders of fondant and how to maneuver it into different forms. I was so intrigued, how could something so plain and boring be transformed into such beautiful petals, roses, trucks and more. My small hands could not do the same things as my mother. I would see my mother do everything with little to no effort as I practically killed every rose the instructor asked me to make. My hands were not delicate nor kind to the fondant, but instead I would accidentally ruin every petal I attempted making.
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