Personal Narrative: What I Learned In My Tech 2 Class

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Throughout the third quarter during the 2016-2017 school year, I have learned much in my tech 2 class. I have completed three projects where I learned new things and helped tech 1s. I learned how to design and print 3d models, fly airplanes, be patient when helping people, and not waste time. I plan to use the skills I have learned either in college or highschool. I also plan to use these skills in a field related to engineering or architecture.

The first important thing I learned in quarter 3 was how to design a 3D model. I used the program, “Rhino” to design a table, when the design was complete I saved it as a file type that would allow me to open it in the MakerBot program. I powered on the 3D printer and opened MakerBot. I learned how to navigate the software and print out the model. This is important to me because I want to become an engineer and knowing how to design and print 3D models will be very helpful. This may help me school-wise aswell, I am going to an aviation high school that focuses on STEM.
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During the lesson program I learned about how different forces affect the airplane and how to control it. I also plan to download the Microsoft Flight Simulator onto my computer at home, this will allow me to further practice the skills I learned in my Business and Technology class.This skill may seem very specific but because I am going to Raisbeck Aviation High School next year, it will be helpful to know. The school is centered around aerospace and aviation and the campus is on the Boeing
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