Personal Narrative: What I Learned In The Classroom

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One year can change everything and you can learn more than you can imagine. I spent my senior year as Mr. Bob Calderone’s apple tutor and there has been a lot of different things that can be taken away with that time. With that, I have learned a lot of useful things that I can apply to everyday life to help other people or even myself. Being in his classroom has shown me how to communicate better with students, or people in general, manage my time to work efficiently, and how to enjoy the little moments of working with my teacher and the students.
To begin, the first and most important thing I have learned is how better my communications with the student and other people. This skill is important because it is an everyday skill that most people
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As a TA, it is my responsibility to correct papers, type a test for my teacher, or do any work he needs done. With doing so, I need to make sure I work fast but correctly making little to no mistakes. For example, if I just rushed through to correct the work, the students would be getting too high or low of a grade that they actually worked for. On the other hand, I couldn’t just go slow and not correct the papers he needed. With that, I had to improve how to efficiently work to complete the tasks at hand and to do them correctly so the students can get the grade they…show more content…
From having this class, I have meet a variety of different personalities. I walked in the class not knowing who I was going to see or even know. Throughout the year i have gotten closer to a few of the students. For example, 2 of the students, John Melendrez, and Carlos Rodriguez, began calling me mom. From them calling me mom, we have become good friends and they make my second period fun and rememberable. I have also become close with a few other students by helping them when they get stuck or just becoming closer after an awkward introduction. Days in Mr. Calderone’s class give me little memories that I will look back on forever.
Overall, my experience as an Apple tutor has been very rewarding and I will forever remember the new skills I learned. In the class I learned how to communicate better with people/ students, how to manage my time to efficiently work, and how to enjoy the little moments in life, or in the classroom. I will miss seeing all the kids come in and being able to work with them. Lastly, my whole experience with apple as made my high school experience joyful, informative, and
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