Personal Narrative: What Is My Identity?

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Identity, according to Google, is the fact of being who or what a person or thing is. But according to Maalouf, “My identity is what prevents me from being identical to anybody else” (Maalouf 10). Identity can mean and consist of a variety of things and many factors can contribute and impact to who one is now compared to who one was back then or who they are going to be in the future. Identity can be very complex at times, having both interchangeable and traits and exchangeable ternal and internal influences. Depending on how one perceives identity, identity is given to someone to create for themselves rather than it being given to or born with. Identity is an intangible thing shaped by our experiences and how we experience it. An example…show more content…
For example, I set a goal to try to read my scriptures for around 5 minutes and pray every day. When I started out trying to accomplish this goal, it was very complicated to complete as a task due to my busy schedule; I did not have time to read my scriptures nor pray and it was not even that hard to accomplish. Sometimes I did not have the feel nor need to read my scriptures because I was so tired at the end of the day. But as I progressed and improved my time management skills, I was able to pray and read my scriptures for 5 minutes every day, sometimes 10 if I had enough time. Whenever I pray or read my scriptures, it makes me feel more closer and more connected to God on a spiritual…show more content…
An example of this is in the Monster from the thriller Frankenstein also corroborates to the concept that a person’s identity is held at the person’s hands. In the novel, when the Monster was first created, it characterized a nice attitude, helping people that were in need. But before the Monster’s identity was completely structured, the Monster tears down its positive attitude and was replaced with an dreadful one. After the Monster finds itself shunned universally because of its physical monstrous appearance, the Monster decides to seek revenge on its creator, viciously slaughtering every family member of his in the end. Based upon the Monster’s drastic and horrifying transformation, it can be told that identity is created by oneself’s true actions and
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