Personal Narrative: What It Means

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I opened the box and couldn’t hold back the smile I had on my face, tears brimming. My team did this for me and I know this put them in trouble. ‘’ I thought I lost this in Morocco ‘’ my voice was quiet almost a whisper. ‘’ I know. One our boys went back and retrieved it knowing what it means to you ‘’ Loki smiled. ‘’ Wow thank you ‘’ I mumbled into his shirt. He whipped my tears saying ‘’ don’t you cry love ’’.

Inside the box is my STARS samurai edge. I smiled and hugged him, placing a kiss on his lips. He and the others knew how much this gun meant to me, I've used it for over thirteen years and I think I'm the only one of us who has still has their samurai edge.

My samurai edge was black and upgraded with a burgundy trigger and magazine,
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