Personal Narrative: What It Takes To Be An Effective Leader

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Lorie Kaye Schniers ALED 202 – 504 LEF Assignment For many years, leadership has been a controversial topic with no single definition. In fact, many people question if it is something that you are born with or if it is something you learn over time. Personally, I believe that what it takes to be an effective leader is a unique combination of both of these concepts. For most people, their leadership abilities and views on leadership are based on the experiences that they have encountered growing up through family, school, and community activities. In this sense, every individual is unique and thus has their own approach to leadership. In general though, many leaders are expected to have certain qualities or skill sets, a positive attitude, a strong passion for what they believe in, and the will to take the…show more content…
Through a continuous loop of reflecting, connecting, deciding, and doing a leader would have an effective way of addressing issues and strive for the best outcome towards their goal. By reflecting on a goal and collaborating with others to decide on actions to take, taking those steps, and then reflecting on the results to determine further actions, a leader and group would be able to analyze the effect of their actions and learn from their experiences. Through this process an individual would have learned what it took for them to be an effective leader in that situation and would later be able to apply that knowledge to future situations. Even being a collaborative peer in an experience would provide excellent insight to understanding elements of being an effective leader. By observing actions and attitudes that other leaders take to address situations, an individual could gain knowledge by analyzing the methods and results from the event to apply to their own understanding of
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