Personal Narrative: What Would You Do If Someone Was In Pain

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What would you do if somebody was in pain? I’ll tell you what I did. I peed on them. My family and I were in the US Virgin Islands. A lot of our family was with us: grandparents, aunts and uncles, and cousins. One particular day, we drove to a beach called Salt Pond Bay. We spent the morning having fun in the sand and snorkeling. Then, after a long hike up a trail, we ate lunch and set out our rafts into the ocean.
We were lounging about when I heard splashing to my right. I turned and it was my grandmother emerging from the water! She and my grandfather had gone to snorkel farther down the beach. As she waded closer to us, I could see that she was either mad or annoyed, or both. She began to complain to my mom in Chinese, and I couldn’t follow along very well. All I knew was that it was about my grandfather.
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“Your grandpa has stepped on a sea urchin!” My mom explained. “You know, when I stepped on one during our honeymoon, the lifeguard made Daddy pee on my foot. You should totally do that!” She laughed.
My grandfather and I were both a little bit reluctant, but all of my cousins were egging me on, laughing, and my mom convinced my grandpa that it actually helped.
In the end, we both
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