Personal Narrative: When Calls The Heart

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During the third season of When Calls the Heart, I became the unofficial interviewer of the Hope Valley Kids, probably because I interviewed so many of them. And Jaiven Natt was definitely in that group. With his return to the series this year, we have continued to see his skill and character expand and deepen, so I recently had the supreme opportunity of chatting with him yet again, and this time, we had a decidedly different, but engaging interview covering a wide variety of topics.

RH: So nice to chat with you again, Jaiven. And it was really nice getting to meet you at the Joey Awards.

JN: Oh yeah, that was cool!

Congratulations on your Joey Award. All the Hope Valley kids won for When Calls the Heart, and I'm glad I was there to see
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So you were one of the kids who had been there, and there were a lot of new kids this season. When the new kids came in this year, what did you do to make them feel welcomed like you had been last year?

One of the new kids that came--he actually went to the high school that's right by my house that I was going to go to. We got to talking, and I told him that high school was right by house. And so he was really nice, and I was really nice back. I kinda made a new friend.

with Jack Wagner
The Hearties would like to know, "What has been your favorite scene to film?" You can talk about just this season if you like.

I think the scene with Jack Wagner because I think it was just really fun to shoot, and it was cool filming where we filmed. And it was just cool filming with him because in between shots, we'd go around back while everyone was setting up the cameras, and he'd say, "Do you want to just run the lines a couple of times? Just to make sure that we have it?" And I think that's what made the scene so good and what made it seem so put together. I know it helped me when he said, "Let's go over it 'cause then it will be even better than it already is." And that made me feel really good because he wasn't just there to film the scene. He was there to help me and be my
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They work on web series together sometimes if they can't work on anything else together.

Oh yeah, you know, I have my own YouTube channel. I haven't made a video yet, but I'm starting to do some video blogging or vlogging as it's called. I just walk around and film myself whatever I'm doing. I bring my camera with me, and I'll be talking with viewers.

That's awesome! Then what you should do is one of these times have the three of you get together and do a video.

Yeah, and there's also these things that are really popular on YouTube. It's like a bunch of these friends that get together and do funny skits, so we could do those.

One of the things that really stands out about you, Jaiven, is you have really good comedic timing. In other words, you're good at delivering comedy in just the right way. It's something that a lot of people have a hard time learning to do. It's one of those things that you either have it or you don't. Sometimes people can learn it or get better at it, but you already have that skill. Like with you, Robert is always the class clown character. They might not remember your character's name, but they remember
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