Personal Narrative: When I Let My Bike Jump

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It was a saturday. I was hanging out with my friend Cody, riding BMX at some dirt jumps we had been building after the rains. We had two fifteen foot quarter pipes and some dirt tracks. It was a cold day, and it was only nine in the morning. I hadn't hit the jumps yet, so we didn't know whether or not they would work. But i knew. I built them and I knew they would work. I grabbed my WE THE PEOPLE bmx bike and rode back down the track about 50 feet. I feel the rubber grips under my fingers slick with my nervous sweat. My hands where shaking, and i squeezed the grips even harder. I power up the track and start towards the dirt ramp. I'm slamming down on the cranks as hard and fast as I could. I start to fly up the jump, the freezing air
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