Personal Narrative: Where To Maine

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Last night, when Maine was mentioned by Boyce Lovett, memories of one of my trips there came flooding back. I was living in Rhode Island at the time and had just got home from work, when I received a phone call from a friend of mine, Tim, asking “Want to go on a road trip?” Typical of me at that time, I responded with, “Of course! When do you want to go and for how many days so I can make arrangements with work?” I suppose a more typical response would have been, “Where to?” though such a question was just a minor side thought for me. Tim does further explain that he sold his Corvette to a gentleman residing in his hometown in Maine, and the car had to be driven up there. We were busy coordinating work schedules when I realized, although…show more content…
Instead of driving straight to Tim’s parents’ house, he decided to show us around town first. Even if you removed the parallel, ten foot wall of snow alongside the roadways with small breaks leading to entrances of stores, homes, or other roads, there still wasn’t much to see in this tiny town. I think that was point Tim was trying to make. It is just a small town with little to no action, especially on a Sunday night. Tim and Blackjack start discussing a sound they could hear from the front passenger side wheel. They decided to pull into a car wash bay so they could investigate the cause of the noise. They got out of the vehicle, checked the tire, and then I heard the trunk pop open. The very next moment, there were new strobing lights dancing all along the walls and the closed front bay door. From the back seat, I tried to look out the back window, but my view was blocked by the trunk lid. I heard yelling and as I bent over to grab for my shoes, there was a police officer at the window with a gun instructing me to raise my hands. I immediately complied, dropping my shoes. He told me to exit the vehicle. Let me just say, I was not about to go outside without shoes on, in Maine, in January. I was able to convince the officer to allow me to slowly pick my shoes up and put them on. Normally, putting on your shoes is a quick, everyday task one does…show more content…
Tim had recently relocated to Rhode Island and had registered both of his vehicles in that state. There are two sets of Maine plates in his trunk to be returned to the DMV in Maine, and now there is a third set of plates, from Rhode Island, that were just removed from the Corvette he sold. To add to that, I am sure they found the wad of cash in his pocket when they frisked him. But what alerted them to surround us so aggressively? One of the officers returned to the cruiser I was sitting in to question me. As I answered each question he asked, I also followed my answers with a question or an additional statement. I told him the vehicle is not stolen and he could contact the Westerly Police Department directly and I suggested names of officers he could talk to. Unimpressed with my comments, he once again walked away. Now all I could do was sit there and wait to see what would come next, but at least the cruiser was running with the heat on. I honestly cannot remember how long I sat there before the officer approached again. He opened the back door and proceeded to politely apologize while helping me out of the vehicle. I see Blackjack being assisted out of the cruiser he was in as Tim and the third officer approach the vehicle. The officer that had been with Tim then explained what had happened. The plates on the Pontiac had been
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