Personal Narrative: Who Am I?

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I've been thinking about my childhood as of late, especially ever since I found out who my brother and father are and how evil they are. I was just a teenager when I was thrown into a war I wasn't prepared for, I didn't even know about the shadow world or shadowhunters until I bumped into Jace, Alec, and Isabel at the Pandamonium club. I'm glad I found out who I really am, but I can see why my mom protected me form this world of shadows. My father is evil and he also turned my brother into something horrendous, but if they weren't evil, I wonder what things would be like. I imagine that my mother would have stayed with Valentine and Jonathan (Sebastian) would have been a normal shadowhunter, not a hybrid. He would have green eyes with blond hair instead of black eyes and silver hair, he would have been my older brother and would probably still alive.…show more content…
I would have known my grandparents and grow up in the Fairchild family manor. I would learn how to ride horses and how to fight with seraph blades, and I would probably have a morgenstern family ring. That life would have been very nice, I wouldn't be learning everything on the go like I am now. I would already have runes on my skin and know how to apply them. Jace would have still been a Herondale and I probably would have been married to him by now. This life would be nice, I would already be a fully trained shadowhunter and fluent in the use of seraph swords. The Morgenstern family short sword, Phaesphoros, would be mine and I would use her to kill the things that lurk in the night. She would be mine and I wouldn't look at her with discust like I do now. She would remind me of happy times instead of bad times. But this is just me imagining things that will never
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