Personal Narrative: Why Don T We Remember Being Infants

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Why Don't We Remember Being Infants? I wonder why babies don't remember what they did, not even when they grow up. Don't you think that's weird, like just asking. You can remember the time you and your ex best friend got in a fight and why it happened, or how about that time you found out that your grandma wears choppers, but not when you were born. I asked my relatives do they remember when they were a baby and they ALL responded, "Nope." I thought about it and I don remember either. I got curious and researched it up. Turns out, all of the top scientists sad that it's been proven that no one remembers. Although when people are in their mom's wound for nine months developing body parts, all things are formed, especially the brain. Even though the brain is formed,…show more content…
Their mind doesn't have the complex thinking ability, enough to retain a past event. Their mind hasn't started getting complex because of how young their minds are. In addition, their brain doesn't compound or store memories efficiently. The simple fact is that infants' connective tissue in the brain hasn't developed yet to compound their memories accurately. The neurons are still growing connections and developing. The main thing their brain is thinking about is: growing, protecting, immune, and learning. This means events that happened are passed and not thought about. Their simple thinking capabilities aren't set up for complex thinking material if their still in the working process. Later, researchers have attributed it to a child's lack of self-perception, language, or other metal equipment required to encode memories. Basically, infants' brains aren't fully developed to start working like other peoples'. The rapid birth of neurons in a young brain blocks access to old memories. Newborns' mind isn't structured enough to remember
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