Personal Narrative: Why Have Kids?

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On May 19th, 2012 my whole life was turned around. See, my mom had a drug and alcohol problem, so her state of mind wasn’t really in a good place. As I reached my grandmother’s house in Brooklyn, New York, her telephone started to ring. On the other end, was the sound of a woman crying, the type of cry where you can’t get your words out and no one can understand what you are saying. It was the cry of my mother. I couldn’t really make out any of the words she was saying but I clearly heard the part about my brothers being taken away from her by ACS. Now, remember the date I told you in the beginning? Yeah, they day all this happened was on my birthday. This event made me grow and change my whole life around in so many ways. So therefore, I was living with my grandmother for a while and so were my brothers. My mom lost custody of all of us, all because she wanted to live that “party life”. So what I didn’t understand was, why have kids? I am the oldest out of my little…show more content…
After all the back and forth and going to court, on January 6, 2012… my aunt finally got custody of me and I moved here, to Delaware with my aunt, her spouse and my cousins. I was in 8th grade now and went to George Read Middle School. I didn’t know anyone but my cousin and I missed all my old friends. But, I started to open up and get a little bit more comfortable and got to know people and the people my cousin hangs around. I had been through many ups and downs with fake people and having people coming in and out of my life. I started to get involved in sports, especially in track, I had a passion for it once I found out I am really good at it. I then got to high school; I first went to William Penn High School and built a bond with this amazing track team who I love dearly. I switched high schools my 11th grade year and now I am here at A.I DuPont High
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