Personal Narrative: Why He Wasn T I?

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Howdy there readers! Thank you guys for the awesome readers! I honestly didn't expect for people to look at my story so quickly. Hopefully I do better with updating this story more since it shows people are interested in this story. Whelp onward to the this chapter! Keep the reviews coming! I do not own TMNT. If I did I wouldn't be making this fanfic wouldn't I?

The bright sun was beginning to sleep as different shades of red and oranges begin to form and mix into new bright colors into the late afternoon sky. The sun seem to be using it colors to wrap New york into a tight warm hug before it goes into her deep slumber.
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A long “wow” went out of Mikey mouth as he look around the building. It was huge! This would have been a playground for Donny boy. “ This is my personal laboratory. Make yourself at home. Pizza”? Mikey was snap out of his thoughts as he smelt the scent of his life and soul in the air. Now he thought about it, he didn't get the chance to eat lunch. A loud growl from Mikey’s stomach told the Scientist his answer. A deep but relaxing laughter come out the nameless man as he hand the box of pizza to Mikey. “ I believe this is your favorite place to get pizza, am I correct”? Again the sight of Mikey eating gave him the answer to his question. Mikey knew this could be all a trap, but yet who was he to give up free pizza? “Sooo” Mikey ask with a mouth full of cheese pizza. “Tell me about well everything”. The man nods as he puts on glasses and sits down on a chair. “ My name is Prosser Nobu. I am 32 years old and I am a Mad Scientist if you can say.” Mikey chokes on his pizza his bit as he looks at Nobu. “ S-So you are evil”! Mikey says as he points to man in front of him. He knew it! It was a trap! Nobu laughs once again as he shakes his head. “ The definition mad scientist can be different. For example most people described us as "mad" or "insane" owing to a combination of unusual or unsettling personality traits and the unabashedly ambitious, taboo and/or hubristic nature of our experiments. Mad Scientist might be villainous, neutral; may be insane, eccentric, or clumsy; and often works with fictional technology or fails to recognize or value common human objections to attempting to reach their goal”. Nobu says this as he drinks his tea then breaths before talking again. “ However Some are have good-spirited intentions, even if our actions are dangerous or questionable, which can make them accidental villains. Which is me. I did once work for dangerous people, for example the the Shredder and
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