Personal Narrative: Why I Am I Here

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"Why I am I here?" "What is my purpose?" I'm pretty sure I'm not the only one who asks these questions. Whom I am asking, however, I'm still not sure of. The universe possibly? Maybe a greater being? Most likely my dog, who unfortunately doesn't know the answer either (the last few times I've checked). I'm not always asking but mostly pondering upon these questions. Yesterday, for example, I was stressing myself out to the point of feeling sick over all of the things on my to-do list when it dawned on me that the human race is living on a giant rock. And that giant rock is floating through a dark void. This left me feeling kind of empty but burdens with another question. "Are there other children in a distant universe worrying about their homework too?" If I think too long about the reality that is life, I get kinda bummed out. Why am I here in Ohio, kicking my own butt to get a 4.0 while working a full-time job? Why am I trying so hard to get into a good college that will more than likely leave me with lasting debt? Why am I asking these questions when I already know the answers? Looking at the "big picture," working so hard for so long can seem pretty pointless. If you look at the slightly smaller "big…show more content…
My professional title is a barista, but for most of my customers, I double as a therapist. I love my job and I love the people that come with it. I love hearing the things that they feel important enough to share with me and in return, I share things with them. I express my hopes of becoming a kindergarten teacher and having a wonderfully chaotic room full of fresh potential. My dream of opening up my own coffee shop someday that I will decorate in warm tones with oak floors. Thinking of what I want to accomplish encourages me to do the things that my overthinking decides is pointless. Voicing them makes it seem doable. Hearing encouragement to get out there and do these things answers my
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