Personal Narrative: Why I Have A Dog

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I was 13 years old at the time. I walked into the living room and heard my mom and step dad talking about something. “ What are you guys talking about?”, I asked. “ We are talking about a dog.”, said my step dad. He told me about his friend who has a dog that he can’t take care of. He showed me the picture of the dog and I instantly fell in love with that dog. I immediately asked my mom if I can have that dog. She said no but I kept asking her. I kept trying to think of reasons why I should have a dog . She said,” You won’t take care of it.” “I will take care of it.”, I responded. They next day I kept telling her about the dog. I told her to look at the picture again. She said it looked ugly with it’s short hair. “ It just got groomed. That’s
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